Rose & Lavender are now authorised stockist for the Legler brand of wooden toys and games from Germany. Handelshaus Legler toys & games have been popular with children all over Europe for more than twenty years and have helped them play, learn and grow

The range that we will be stocking promote motor skills and abilities – whether for infants or for older children. Legler have made it their priority to supply good but affordable products – not low-quality cheap goods orpruefsiegel_schaukelpferd over-expensive ones for high earners.

Small Foot Products

Wooden toys are the heart and focus of Legler. Discovering and developing products made of sustainable materials that are suitable for children, affordable and absolutely safe – and equally importantly put a smile on all children’s faces. This has been particularly true of the small foot brand..

Wooden toys let children use their imagination. Because they don’t light up, vibrate, move or make strange noises, children naturally create play in their heads. How many parents have looked on exasperated whilst their offspring chose to play with a tatty old toy rather than the ‘cost an arm and a leg’, state-of-the-art electronic gizmo that has been hyped-up as the must-have toy this Christmas?

For me wooden toys have a magical quality. They will last for years and as they age and take a few knocks they become part of growing up that will always be remembered.