The HYDROPHIL brand has been around since July 2012. Christoph, Sebstian & Wanja – are three friends from the German maritime city of Hamburg who founded the brand. The company has quickly become the market leader for sustainable oral hygiene in Germany.

Hydrophil specialise in W.A.S.H. goods (WAter, Sanitation, Hygiene) and try to raise the awareness about sustainable consumer behaviour in day-to-day life with their water-neutrally, vegan & fairly produced products.


Hydrophil products sre produced with minimal water consumption; we use natural ingredients that grow without artificial watering, such as bamboo. Additionally, we only use dyes produced without the use of petroleum or other chemical additives. The resulting biodegradability means that our products do not leave anything behind in the drinking or groundwater.


Through our actions, we want to have a positive impact on our world. That is why our products do not contain any animal products and are not tested on animals.


Fair work deserves a fair wage – and this is why all of the products are also made using fair principles. To ensure that this is the case, Hydrophil constantly keep an eye on even the smallest details of our entire value-added chain.