Hi, my name is Jackie Taylor and I’m the founder of Rose & Lavender. I started R&L in the middle of 2016 along with my husband Glenn and son Robert. I hoped it would be a way of providing a future for Rob, who had had leukaemia as a child and has struggled ever since because of the side-effects from his treatment. We are based in Methley, a lovely little village near Leeds.


My dad William Hart (Bill) served in the army during the Second World War and was involved in the D-Day landings. Immediately after 1945 he was diagnosed with TB (which he caught during the war) and spent 18 months in a Tuberculosis sanatorium. In later life he was a foreman in a warehouse in Leeds. My mum Annie worked in the local hospital, so starting my own business wasn’t something that came naturally to someone with my background. Working for myself was a dream of mine and a way of fulfilling my late mums wish that “I make something of myself”.

I badgered my hubby to build me a website (that’s what he does for his real job). I choose the name Rose & Lavender simply because they were my mum and dad’s favourite flowers and it was a very personal way I could honour their memory.


A question I am often asked is ‘why brushes’? I can’t really answer that, except to say that one day I was flicking through one of those lifestyle magazines you can buy in the supermarket when I noticed a brush in the background of a photograph from a company called Bustenhaus Redecker. I was struck by the design and how stylish it looked. I searched on the internet and the rest is history as they say.


Anyone buying from us can be assured of four things:

  1. You are paying for the product and not the Brand. Some of our rivals treble the price because of the name.
  2. If there is anything wrong with the product we will refund the cost and postage. No arguing.
  3. If the item contains any plastic we’ll tell you in the product description.
  4. Customer service is at the core of our business. If you’re not happy, neither are we.


Since then our stock range has increased, and now we have a range of beautiful soaps and bathroom essetentials from a lovely Austrian family business, plus vegan toothbrushes, sponges and cotton ear buds from Hydrophil . At the time of writing we have just taken delivery of a box of handmade brushes from a small English company that began over 170 years ago. The brushes are still handmade by the seventh generation of the same family!

We also have a range of our products available to view or buy in the RiversMEET Craft Cafe in Methley, near Leeds. The cafe, which regularly features in the press and on TV, now has a dedicated Rose & Lavender section in the shop@riversMEET.


We have also tried to reduce the amount of plastic in our products and packaging. Some of the lines we used to stock contained a fair amount of the stuff and we took the decision not to re-order any more once the current stock had gone. At the moment we are about 99.5% plastic-free and I would love to get it to 100%.

If any product contains a small amount of plastic I have tried to mention that in the description so that you can then make an informed choice whether to buy it or not. We do not use any plastic-based products in our packaging, preferring instead to use only paper based boxes, filling and tape.

We strive at all times to offer the kind of service that inspires people to use us again and again.

We believe that even the most functional items in the house should still be of the finest quality.

“There is nothing like looking, if you want to find something…You certainly usually find something, if you look, but it is not always quite the something you were after.”
Gandalf – The Hobbit