Soap Pouches – Eco-friendly and Reusable

redecker soap sack

For many years soap pouches (or soap sacks) were used in homes across the country to recycle scrap pieces of soap that would otherwise be discarded. With the advent of the throw-it-away-buy-another society, most consumers (apart from a notable minority) hadn’t the time or the inclination to save up and reuse all those small pieces of soap. Many even saw it as a sign of being ‘poor’.

Thankfully, those atitudes are changing. Along with an awareness of all things ‘green’ and the negative impact that we have had on our environment by our selfish attitudes, being ‘aware’ or even thrifty has again entered the mainstream. Being vegetarian or vegan, avoiding plastic products or the chemicals that pollute our food has now become mainstream. And people are again looking at our past to help save our future.

The explosion in the awareness of the damage plastic is doing to the planet – from the oceans and marine life to the air we breath, is truely refreshing. Rose & Lavender became aware of this new movement early on and enthusiastically embraced the cause. We even wrote a blog post about it in July 2017. You can read the post here >>.

As we state on our home page and elsewhere on this website, we trying to be as environmentally responsible as possible. We are also now 99.5% plastic-free in our products and packaging. This hasn’t been easy and has meant we have had to stop stocking certain product lines. Anyway, to continue with this blogs theme…

Reusable Soap Pouches are a convenient and economic way to gently exfoliate your skin while allowing you to use up every last bit of your soap!


Increase the lifespan of your favorite soaps.
Decrease waste.
Eco-friendly and reusable.
No more chasing a slippery bar of soap.
Exfoliates whilst cleaning.
Whole bars of soap can be inserted (not just bits).

Redecker’s exfoliating soap sack is woven from the rough fibres of the loofah plant to provide exfoliation while you bathe. Place a bar of soap inside and tug on the drawstring; as you lather up, the loofah sack will create suds galore. Hang the sack from the drawstring to dry – no need to remove the soap. Also a great way to collect and use the remnants of leftover bars of soap.

View it here>>


Material: sisal with cotton rope.
Ball-shaped stopper: beechwood.
Size: 11 x 12.5 cm.
Made in Germany.

These reusable soap sacks make perfect gifts for new mums, children, and the elderly.

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