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A new shop in the Oulton area of Leeds which sells a mixture of old toys, retro clothes, antiques, imaginative shabby chic furniture and 60’s, 70’s and 80’s collectables, is causing quite a buzz.

Called simply ‘Vintage in Oulton’, it is attracting attention from both far and wide. The last time I visited they had just taken delivery of two 1960’s record players and were playing a 7″ vinyl single of Queen singing Don’t Stop Me now! If the first couple of weeks are anything to go by, this shop will become one of those ‘must visit’ places for anyone who likes the unusual and the collectable.

We are pleased to tell you that Rose & Lavender now have a glass display cabinet full of our handmade, traditional stock. We have chosen products that we think will fit in with the shop’s ethos, being either traditional, retro or both!

Two of the shelves are used for our Redecker Dust Pan and Brush sets, which are both traditional and functional. The brushes are made of beechwood and horsehair – just like your mother and grandmother used to use! The other 2 shelves are stocked with copper scrubbers and cloths, traditional wooden dolly pegs, wooden toothbrushes and many other non-plastic, handmade traditional products.


The first thing that hits you when stepping into Vintage In Oulton from the street is that it is filled from floor to roof with stock. The walls are divided into shelves, with each shelf or ‘space’ stuffed with goodies. The floor has a number of free-standing glass cabinets, also filled with an eclectic mix of items. The cabinets are available to rent, which ensures that the contents of each one is different and means that there is always something new to look and wonder at.

Some of my favourites were the old children’s stilts and hobby-horse (which I bought), the old wooden crates and everything from the Auntie Audrey’s Vintage Home section.

So if you’re looking for anything vintage, antique, retro, second hand, the unusual or interesting, pop in to Vintage In Oulton. We guarantee that at the very least you’ll be taken on a trip down memory lane!

We sell a range of vintage and antiques from several different dealers. Our range includes specially chosen items from Tilly Loves Vintage, Teapot Treasures, Gaskets and Lace, Style of the Salvaged, Retro Active, Auntie Audrey’s Vintage Home, Rose & Lavender and more!

Vintage in Oulton
81-83 Aberford Road
LS26 8SL
0113 393 4720

(please note at the time of writing this post the Vintage In Oulton website was still being built).
FaceBook:  @vintageinoulton

Open 7 days a week
Monday – Saturday 10:00 – 6:00 pm
Sunday 11.00 – 4:00 pm

In their own words….
Vintage and antique shop based in Oulton, Leeds. We have an eclectic range! With different dealers in house we have a fantastic mix of antiques, pictures, mirrors, vintage clothes, retro, industrial, collectibles, garden items – even a vintage motorbike!


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