A Quick Look At The Hedgerows

burdock - sticky buds' as we new them as a child

Whilst walking Larry our Cockerpoo in the fields near our home, I noticed the many and varied plants growing in the hedgerows. Having my ‘phone in my pocket, I decided to record some of them for this blog.

Whilst I do not pretend to be an expert when it comes to wild plants, I have picked up a bit of knowledge and can recognise many of the more common varieties. Larry of course was only interested in the game of throw and fetch we were playing and no doubt regarded my David Bailey impressions as a waste of good ball throwing time.

Plants in our pictures

  1. In the first picture I was struck by the tall gracefulness of the Willowherb which had managed to pop up above the shoots of the raspberry bushes.
  2. Burdock. As a child we used to hunt for these plants, known to us all as ‘sticky buds’, to throw onto the clothes of our friends. I believe the root is edible, hence the fizzy drink ‘dandelion and burdock’.
  3. Ragwort. Although it produces lovely yellow flowers, the plant is deadly to horses if eaten.
  4. Elder. The green, unripened berries offer the promise of cosy autumn evenings and delicious elderberry wine!

Anyway, I hope that this little expedition along the fields and hedgerows of Methley hasn’t sent you to sleep. Until next time then, night, night!

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